Arm warmers complete

After the nice lady at the yarn shop told me I'd been knitting wrong for like a year and a half, I needed a project to practice my improved stitches, and my friend Amy had mentioned that she'd like something to cover her elbows after moisturizing. I've never thought of arm warmers as being anything I needed in my wardrobe, but there's lots of knitting patterns for them; fingerless gloves, too.

I made these up, though, 10 rows of knitting, 10 rows of purling, 10 rows of 4 x 4 ribbing, 10 rows of 1 x 1 ribbing, rinse, repeat. Probably could have gone with a smaller needle. Please note the ribs are straight, not twisted, like they were on the Unfortunate Sock that made me go to the yarn shop for advice.


Amy was pleased to get the arm warmers but said her first thought was how she was going to make her cat Otis wear them. They're pretty stretchy so I imagine she could make him into a cat sausage or cat burrito with them.

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5 Responses to Arm warmers complete

  1. Morgat says:

    Great looking knitting!!! Looks like they have the Good Catkeeping seal of approval, at least from Sukey and Sally. I can understand Otis having reservations.

  2. Thank you! Sukey especially approves of crafts with string! If Amy manages to get an arm warmer on Otis I am so posting the pictures here (poor lamb!)

  3. Artzy Lady says:

    LOL @ Cat burrito!

  4. zhy says:

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