Could you both look at me at the same time?


This is the dark blue bathroom. It took three coats of paint to get the walls this color.

When I bought the house the bathroom had really lame 80s-hotel wallpaper, but it came off easy, especially considering the wall under it hadn't been primed. The cabinet is good, sturdy wood, so I was glad to keep it, but the formica on the countertop had been fixed with an experimental glue, an experiment that failed, so Dad replaced it with a top special ordered from Home Depot. We had an intense five-minute discussion over whether to center the sink on the cabinet or in front of the mirror–we went with the mirror.

The countertop in this bathroom was white, but the one in the front bathroom was a really offensive shade of apricot, and it was cheaper to get them both cut from one piece of stock, so now they're both this neutral pseudo-granite. It wasn't easy to find a color that went with both bathrooms. This is a peek into the other one:

You can see it's the cats' bathroom, unless someone comes for a visit. The color is Dora the Explorer Treasure Hunt Turquoise (I really wanted to find somewhere in the house to use Jimmy Neutron Atomic Vomit but I just couldn't–I know it's wrong to pick colors on their names but come on–Atomic Vomit!). One of the walls in this bathroom is a sand color, but I mistakenly picked a shade that reflects all the green in the turquoise and ends up looking like poo, unless I have the brick-red guest towels hanging up. When I was done painting the bathroom I asked my folks how they liked it and they just kind of looked at each other and changed the subject, but that's okay.

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6 Responses to Could you both look at me at the same time?

  1. YGRS says:

    ooooooohhh…the colors of your rooms are gorgeous! These are the kinds of colors I wish my off-white apartment walls were…..Very very pretty.Plus your cats are gorgeous, too. Both so soft-looking and floofy — Beyootiful!I only have one cat that I have to try to get a pic of before she turns her head…I can imagine what it's like for you trying to get a pic of TWO looking at the camera at the same time…good luck!

  2. jaypo says:

    ends up looking like poo, unless I have the brick-red guest towels hanging up.People have poo'd bricks before so that works.Of course they can't both look at you at the same time. That would indicate interest and not detached curiosity.

  3. Lauri says:

    I have always loved your colors, too! ANd still do! They are ALL great!

    • pegoftilling says:

      Thank you! that dark blue, though, showed every water spot and bit of baby powder, so I painted that bathroom a light grey last summer. I felt like I was admitting failure to do it, but it looks much neater now.

      • Lauri says:

        Ha! My master bath is cornflower blue and it shows every freaking water spot and soap spot. I will be changing it, too. One of these days!
        The problem is that it was flat paint, rather than semi-gloss. That might do the trick.

      • pegoftilling says:

        I used semi-gloss, and it didn’t help. Sad.

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