Caturday project

I think this is only the third wedding cake I've made–it wasn't really for a wedding, though, it was for a party for a couple from work who got married in Costa Rica a few months ago.

The theme of the party was drinks? stocking the bar? something like that, so that's why there's martini glasses for cake pillars.

The cake was chocolate, from Hershey's Deep Dark Chocolate Cake recipe. It's a really easy recipe (really! you dump all the ingredients in the bowl, mix for two minutes, then stir in a cup of boiling water–that's it!) and the cake is teh awsom.

The filling was Hershey's Special Dark chocolate, melted with an equal amount of butter. The ring of icing is to keep the filling from oozing out.

The icing was a little tricky–it was my regular recipe but it's been ridiculously hot and humid here so I had to cut the water way back.

Since the cake used a lot of hardware I kept the decoration pretty simple.

Real cake pillars make a pretty sturdy cake, but the martini glasses didn't come with guarantees. I put a plastic plate on top of the bottom layer, held up with dowels, and some little sticky foam bits on the top of the glasses before I put on the top layer. The cake was on a table by itself, a little out of traffic, and there were no little kids running about, so nothing bad happened.

To thank me the bride gave me a Costa Rican bird whistle.

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4 Responses to Caturday project

  1. Artzy Lady says:

    Congratulations on a catastrophy free cake! Looks yummy!

  2. Lauri says:

    I JUST returned from my niece's wedding. All was well there. This looks just FANtastic!!! You did a great job, Peg! And….well, a Costa Rican bird whistle…I would love one of those myself! 😀

  3. Annie says:

    Wow it looks great and yummy too.

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