I got an ad in my email today

I know, ads come in the email twenty times a day, but look!

You can pick colors and designs from a supplied palette, or you can upload your own artwork–custom shoes! With your stuff on them!

They are $50-$60, which is ridiculous for a pair of Keds, but it's a really cool idea.

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3 Responses to I got an ad in my email today

  1. e2c says:

    Thanks for posting this! I might just go for it…

  2. Post pictures if you do!

  3. e2c says:

    OK. I also just found out about an English company that makes elaborate decals for sneakers – with the option of uploading your own graphics and having them made into decals. (For an extra charge.) It's a cool idea, but not – I think – easy to pull off, in terms of doing everything right when you go to put the decals on the shoes. Knowing me, I'd get them all stuck to themselves and so on…

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