Caturday yet?

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7 Responses to Caturday yet?

  1. mariser says:

    I'd like to slepp 'til Caturday…

  2. jaypo says:

    Awwwww… warm nosey hidden under frito paw.

  3. Drude says:

    Sssshhh peeps, don't wake her up until it's caturday. She's so comfy.

  4. Morgat says:

    At your house it is now officially Caturday Miss Hide-the-Nose-Under-the-Paw! It's 10:04 at my house, which makes it 12:04 at your house, and so it's CATURDAY!!! Laissez les bon temps roulez!

  5. Woot! Taynk U for teh notisification. TREEETS for everybudddies!!! Love Sukey.

  6. Morgat says:

    Oh boy! TREEETS!!!!! Thanks, Sukey.

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