After pancakes and coffee my friend K and I went to the yarn shop. She wants me to knit a lacy shawl for her. This will be a stretch, like a Stretch Armstrong stretch, of my knitting-fu. The trip resulted in me buying a lace pattern book and some yarn and some needles, more than twice what I planned to spend…supporting my LYS, I'm telling myself, Local Yarn Shop in Knittingese. Fluent speakers of Knittingese also say "colorways" instead of "colors", which I kind of get because there's a lot of varigated or heathered yarns out there, but it annoys me the way it does when Clinton and Stacy call trousers "a pant."

I didn't get these:

These tiny rubber sweaters hold knitting needles together. Knitting tchotchkes seem to be a pretty big business–I've already asked my friends to hold an intervention if I start collecting sheep…though I do want to get some fancy stitch markers. Some shops on Etsy have sushi or doughnut markers.

The road to the yarn shop is a two lane road. K can't drive 55, so when someone has the temerity to do the speed limit in front of her, things get tense–I can hear her car surging as she pushes and pushes and pushes on the gas. Since I'm one to slow down if someone's tailgating me (yes, just to be irritating), I try not to watch.

In my back yard I found some icky fungus growing at the base of a tree stump:


And this mysterious mark–I'm sure it's where a squirrel scratched for dinner but doesn't it look like a pawprint?

There was only one print and my yard is surrounded by an 8ft. fence, so I'm not too worried about an uncanny visitor. Later K and I went to dinner with our friend Kelly, who'd just finished teaching a drama camp for small children and wanted to mark the occasion. We went to Madison, a nearby town Sherman didn't burn (I heard once a historian was gathering the legends behind why Sherman didn't burn all the towns he didn't burn, but I don't know that the book was ever published.)

Madison has a nice downtown for walking around, but in the event we just went to a chocolate shop (on a 98F day, because we are stupid–I bought some chocolate dog bones to go on a cake, which seem to have survived okay) and to the restaurant. This is not the restaurant where we ate but do you see the soda spouts on either side of the Coke sign? Coolness! The last time I was in Madison this was a soda fountain where you could get a phosphate and a hot dog. Now it's more of a fern bar.

Madison also has a lot of antique shops, including a place that sells these questionable items:


The dinner was fine but the restroom of the restaurant had "friends and family" collages hanging on the walls.


The road to Madison is also a two-lane highway, but I found if I sat directly behind K I couldn't see the road, or her tailgating, so the drive was easier (on me. I can't imagine K doesn't find driving stressful.)

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3 Responses to Caturday

  1. jaypo says:

    Looks like a fun time! But eeeek… all those smiling, laughing faces staring at you while you pee. I'll hold it thank you.

  2. The thumb's-up picture makes me laugh most–it's not like I went in there looking for approval!

  3. jaypo says:

    Sometimes unsought approval is the most enriching, peg… *snerk*

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