The truth about UGA

The mascot is a bulldog, copied from Yale; the G logo looks like the Packers G (and I think some lawyers got rich over it); the fight song is sung to the tune of the Battle Hymn of the Republic, marching song of the Union Army; and the colors are red and black, like the Haitian flag.

Anyway. I volunteered to make some cakes for a woman who's raising funds for lymphoma research. She gives them as prizes to her donors. This month she asked for a cake for a UGA fan.

The filling is Oreos mashed up in buttercream.

I cut Gs out of parchment paper, stuck them on the cake, and sprayed over it with Wilton Color Mist Spray. The spray flies around a bit, so I'm sure I'll be unexpectedly wiping up red for a while.

The logos came out smeary but fortunately I had some chocolate dog bones to hide the worst bits. The bones are dark chocolate so they do that red-and-black thing.

Yes, the bones do look just gobbed on randomly. If I had a do-over I'd want twice as many bones that were half that size.

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7 Responses to The truth about UGA

  1. Aubrey says:

    Oreos and buttercream. Christ, woman.
    Hey, I haven't gone out for my birthday yet – may I have a Peg O'T. couture cake of my very own? Please?????

  2. whiskers says:

    That looks fabulous and yummy! And I love Uga, having read the novel "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil", and traveled to Savannah.Tasty bones…

  3. Thank you, but no, not orange, that would be Auburn or Clemson or Florida! Big rival schools in the athletic conference. Georgia needs red, officially Pantone 200.

  4. I met that Uga, the one in the Midnight movie–he was at the vet school when my cat was getting her teeth clean. Sonny Seiler, who was Jim Williams's lawyer in real life, and played the judge in the movie, has been supplying Ugas for over 50 years…there's going to be a new one this season, Uga VII I think?

  5. Absolutely you may have a cake, I'm just not sure about shipping with the frosting and all–I'm thinking you'd be more likely to get a box full of sweet crumb putty. If I send you the recipes do you have a kindly baker who could do the rest?

  6. Lauri says:

    Incredible edibles!!! I just LOVE to see the step by step processes! You are a GENIUS!

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