Girly as I get

So this was my first makeup purchase in oh…at least five years. Prolly more.

I think this photo is sort of Botero-esque. Burt's Bees lipstick doesn't taste great but it does tingle a bit. This color is Fig.

So the reason for all this girlitude is: I'm trying out for Jeopardy. I have an appointment for an audition in Savannah the Wednesday after Labor Day. When I told my friend Carla about it the first thing she said was "So do we think we could get you into a little mascara?" So…fine. I hope it doesn't have a curved brush. The Jeopardy people want me to bring a head-and-shoulders picture with me–my friend K is going to take it, and she suggested I have my hair done professionally first (that would be taking things way too seriously for me, and really, Jeopardy–it's not American Idol, right? I have to be more smart than pretty, right? Right?).

If this audition goes well then my name gets put into a contestant database for one year. If my name gets pulled from that database then I'll get to go to Los Angeles and then I might get on the show. That's a lot of mights and mays and ifses, so I'm just thinking about the trip to Savannah–I hear there's a yarn shop right next to Johnny Harris Barbecue! 

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4 Responses to Girly as I get

  1. Brown Suga' says:

    Yay for girly things! I don't wear compact but I love mascara and lipstick.

  2. Morgat says:

    ooh ooh ooh! My favorite show! crossing all my fingers and toes and eyes (okay, I only have two of them, if you don't count my glasses)!!!!!

  3. pyrl says:

    Brains over beauty I say.Hey, I would never make Jeopardy, but, I was consistently in the top 5 yesterday on a fully booked Delta jet, touch-screen Inflight Trivia Contest. Each seatback had an electronic screen for movies/tv/games/etc. Played round after round the whole way from Salt Lake City to Boston. Rotsa ruck!

  4. Annie says:

    I hope you make it on there and yeah I think you are right brains over beauty but you also have to have personality or so they (whoever they is) Say! You are a shoe In.

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