Ad buy fail.

Okay, so a post of Redzilla's had a comment that linked here, which made me laugh really hard, which also made me google "mccain tongue", ew, looking to see if anyone else commented on it, which led me here:

Apparently the McCain Tongue Jut ™ is a tell that says "I just got away with something" so apparently, if you look at the linked photo, McCain thought he did reaaaaallllly well at last night's debate.

But the screen shot is from, a site that aggregates political polls into one big tsunami of numbers (never took a stats class, sorry). I just check in to see the pie charts on the left (they're easy to read). And I think it's funny that McCain is paying for an "invest in victory" banner on a site that's projecting an Obama win by a bigmchugelarge margin (crossing fingers, knocking wood).

Oh, and confidential to John McCain:

Please do not dismiss a woman's health like that. Signed, Josephine with Plumbing.

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4 Responses to Ad buy fail.

  1. mariser says:

    The McCain Tongue Jut(tm). fascinating.I wonder if CO would consider it an addition to the rules of cuteness….nah…still, you googled "McCain's tongue". you are far braver than me, madam. far braver.

  2. YGRS says:

    Josephine with Plumbing — Brilliant!&:o)

  3. Yes, I looked at the google results with only one eye open…CO has an "I shall leek you" category, maybe it would go there?…No.

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