Bad Cat’s Happy Napping Place

…is apparently my back yard. I went out with the girls today since the weather was pretty, and there he was, curled up in the back bed.

I tried to get him to move along because I really didn't want Sukey to chase him out of the yard again, but he just laid there and growled at me. I put Sukey back in the house–totally unfair! but Bad Cat was not to be trifled with (these pictures were taken from a safe distance, with the camera zoomed).

I really thought he might be sick, because he's usually either gone with a derisive flick of his tail or condescending to a leg rub when we meet, and you can see just below his ear that he'd Had Words with some other animal and that's the kind of thing that easily gets infected, but when I checked back he was gone, and since he had to clear the fence to go I figured he's probably okay, just bad. Because he's Bad Cat.

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3 Responses to Bad Cat’s Happy Napping Place

  1. Lurkertype says:

    We have a new Bad Cat in our area the past couple of weeks — gray tabby and white. Our critters HATE HATE HATE him/her. So I sympathize with the girls.

  2. Lauri says:

    Poor Bad Cat. It's nice you let him sleep in your yard. Oh, wait, he gives you no choice, does he? 😉

  3. Annie says:

    HE has that Bad Cat look too doesn't he!

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