Holiday taunting with baked goods

Chocolate cake with cream cheese + marshmallow fluff filling, chocolate ganache icing. Crushed peppermint on top, Christmas Fiesta-ware plate underneath.

To make the icing I put equal amounts of butter and Hershey's Special Dark chocolate in a metal bowl and put it on top of the stove vent while the cake is cooking. When the cake is done, the chocolate and butter is melted (stir the mess occasionally), and when the icing is the right consistency to put on the cake, the cake will be cool (stir up the icing to make it easier to spread). To make the filling I put a big box of cream cheese and a small jar of marshmallow fluff in a bowl and whomp it with a mixer (the contents of the box and jar, I mean. If you try to whomp a box and jar it beats up your beaters.)

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6 Responses to Holiday taunting with baked goods

  1. jaypo says:

    I want to eat a bowl of the filling.

  2. brownamazon says:

    *glassy eyes* drooooool…WANT.

  3. It's meant to be a fruit dip, so with fruit it would be healthy, even downright nutritious…really! And cream cheese, that has to be good for you, right?

  4. Morgat says:

    this looks soooo scrumptious! ~~licks computer screen in a vain attempt to get at the cake~~

  5. Laurie says:

    I just favorited this because it just looks and sounds so awesome.

  6. jaypo says:

    Cream cheese is the cow's bacon. It makes everything tastier. Sour cream too. And then there's clotted cream. Oh drat, just whip it all up with sugar and hand me a spoon.

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