Srsly no.

Burger King Launches 'Flame' Men's Body Spray

Morning Edition, December 19, 2008 · The home of the Whopper describes the spray as "the scent of seduction, with a hint of flame-broiled meat." A Web site for the new spray features the chain's King character reclining by a fireplace, naked but for a strategically placed animal fur. The fragrance is on sale at Ricky's NYC stores and online for a limited time for $3.99.

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12 Responses to Srsly no.

  1. Aubrey says:

    Run away!
    Oh, the wickedness of this world.

  2. IG says:

    LMAO!!! Are there samplers at the local Burger Kings? I need to try this asap.

  3. AmyH says:

    I heard this on the radio, too. They say it's not a joke. Riiiiight.
    But it is a pretty clever, if not disgusting, marketing ploy.

  4. mariser says:

    E. E. E. E. E. E. E. E E. E. E. E E. E. E. E. K!!!!

  5. Oh, the picture! Yikes!

  6. I'm afraid stray dogs would follow you home!

  7. What's genius is that it's stocking-stuffer/gag gift priced, so cheap you really could buy it for a joke!

  8. mariser says:

    [this is me being ancient]
    how bad is it that I recognized the original picture inmediately?

  9. Teho says:

    "No" doesn't cover it. (with the delicate aroma of cancerfood)

  10. pyrl says:

    eau de barfume.Can I get some Chanel nuggets with that?

  11. Lurkertype says:

    This was the story at the end of the local news last night. The men were LOL and the women were EWWWW.

  12. Teho says:

    I read that as Eau de Baffroom. Either or, I guess.

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