Mom and I chase a Christmas present, plus knitting

This video has a cameo by Sukey.

So far the Rhoomba seems to work okay, but tonight it tried to vacuum the girls' water dish, so we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

My latest knitting project:





This is sposed to be a nosewarmer. When finished it will have ties and a tassel on the end, in Hope College colors, for Mom and Dad to wear to basketball games (I'll offer them each a shiny new dollar to pose wearing them, sitting in the stands). They live in Michigan, where it's cold, so nosewarmers will be a useful and practical gift. Really!

This year we went to Washington DC and environs for the holiday. If you'd like to see all! 528! pictures!, they're here.

Happy New Year to everyone–I'm glad to be back!

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7 Responses to Mom and I chase a Christmas present, plus knitting

  1. arbed says:

    <waves to PofT and her first (?) appearance>
    I thought maybe you were testing the market for these.

  2. Nicholas Snailcozy! I would have missed it completely, and my life wouldn't have been complete–thank you!

  3. Morgat says:

    I have often thought that a nose-warmer would be an excellent addition to the wardrobe of any shivering northerner. Can a person breeve while wearin' one?
    Love the Roomba vid — first it looks like it's chinning the chair, and then it looks like it's trying to eat the rug. Eek! It's alive!!!

  4. jaypo says:

    LOL, Peg! I made one of these for my mom for Christmas, way too many years ago I care to admit! Guess they're still popular…Roomba gots da hots for the rug.

  5. The writer of one pattern said smelling cold air + wool while wearing one was one of her happiest childhood memories, so I guess you can breathe–I don't remember seeing them when I was a kid, even in Michigan, but my folks say it's a tradition for one of the Holland high school bands to wear them in the Christmas parade (the other band wears red Rudolf noses).

  6. Now I'm going to see Mr. Rhoomba as a small misbehaving dog with dominance issues…

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