It’s gymnastics season, and that means…

…bad photography!

I meant to take them mid-leap, not immediately post-leap. Alas.

Big opening as usual:

…but it was considerably less "Triumph of the Will" than last year, so that was nice.

They did turn on the fans, but I felt like I was coughing up the smoke the entire meet.

The opposing team was West Virginia:

Ranked 23 nationally, but we're ranked 1, so there were no surprises in the outcome, except for some extremely mean scoring on the floor exercises.

It's the senior year for our two Olympians, Courtney Kupets and Courtney McCool, and the last year for the coach, Suzanne Yoculan. Their big goal is to win their fifth NCAA championship in a row, and Yoculan's tenth, but the tone of the pre-meet film and whatnot is surprisingly light, just extremely bouncy girls having fun. We do have to sit through tribute videos, though, from other UGA coaches…would it rude to get out my knitting?

Suzanne did bring the ugly:

Imagine wide-striped red-and-black zebra herringbone tweed, plus the Palin pumps. We got a souvenir lapel pin for showing up:

Saw this at the meet:

Someone who'd been to the bowl told me that the MSU band did a nice sportsmanlike thing, worked the UGA fight song into their opening number (the music is Battle Hymn of the Republic, so they prolly had it on hand), and that the MSU fans were pretty stoic about the loss: "Yeah, we're Spartans. Whatever." He didn't think UGA folks would be that way, and since southern football fans behave a lot like southern politicians, I'd expect he'd be right.

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2 Responses to It’s gymnastics season, and that means…

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Ordinarily I would have negative interest in southern girl's gymnastics, but your photos and commentary are always so funny. Maybe Coach can go on What Not To Wear after retiring.

  2. Thanks! the gymnastics thing is kindof like watching one of those Real Housewives shows on Bravo–it's a strange subculture with an element of danger (one of the girls bellyflopped off the uneven bars this meet. Ooof!)

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