Watching the Balls

…with Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. Unfortunately Keith is not in a tux–he's such a clothes horse he'd be sure to have a pretty one. Have previous inaugurations been televised like this? I don't remember, or didn't care. My favorite part is watching the Obamas together–happy and they don't care who knows it! Every so often MSNBC shows Joe Biden, but then cuts away in mid-sentence to get to the Obamas again. Joe Biden is my choice for Best Politician To Have A Beer With.

I got to watch the swearing-ins live, but I had a class to teach at 12:30 today, so I had to see the speech in the replays. Rick Warren, shut up! (The invocation was the swearing-at.) I liked Michelle's dress more as the day went on, except that open coat looked cold!

Maybe tomorrow I'll be listening to the news thinking "Now what?" instead of "Oh crap. Now what?" I'm not sure I'll know what to with myself. The girls won't know the news is on if I'm not swearing at the radio!

The Commander-in-Chief Ball is in the DC Building Museum, but the TV only shows the stage. This is what the room looks like:

 It was built to be the Pension Office after the Civil War. Prettier than some convention center!

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One Response to Watching the Balls

  1. Morgat says:

    Mrs.Obama had to have some serious layers on underneath that dress — every time I looked at that open coat I wondered how she could stand it! Someone (sorry, can't remember who) said you could see where she'd stuffed handwarmers under the gloves. Extreme joy can only go so far to keep a person warm…
    I loved watching them dance together, even though they obviously hadn't gone to Arthur Murray. They look so obviously in love that it just warmed my heart through and through. (People keep talking Jackie O when they talk about Michelle O, but I don't think Michelle will have to worry about Barack's eyes straying…)

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