Friday the 13th!

Today I was interviewed by the student-run news show. This is me hooking the microphone to the back of my pants. At Jeopardy! there's a sound guy who puts the microphone wires down your shirt and generally discovers the color of your underwear, but the nice young people from the tv station were more discreet.

This is the interview, visible only to the neighborhood:

It was a pretty windy day, so I imagine the audio wasn't usable.

My show is on Friday night–check your local listings!

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6 Responses to Friday the 13th!

  1. IG says:

    Wow! Tonight at 7:30? I may pass out. I don't even know what channel Jeopardy is on, but I'll find out. COOL!

  2. It's 7:30 here, but it's syndicated, so it may vary where you are. To keep from passing out I'm going to stick my head in a glass and breathe gin!

  3. Morgat says:

    oh boy oh boy oh boy…
    (I've wondered who put the microphones on the contestants… now I know.)
    I told my mother on the phone yesterday evening that I'd be visiting her tonight, but had to be home by 7:30 because one of my Vox friends will be on Jeopardy. She was suitably impressed.

  4. There was the sound guy, the makeup lady, the contestant coordinators, the stage managers–lots of people for a half hour of tv! During the commercial breaks the contestant coordinators would bring bottles of water and the makeup lady would do touchups–very Hollywood!
    Say hi to your mom–I hope she's doing well!

  5. Aubrey says:

    (flutters hands about the face)
    This is giving me the vapors! Good luck!

  6. Lauri says:

    WAY TO GO, P of T!!!!! That was just great! :DWhen I saw the last question I was all "A Cute-ologist will get this"!!! That was lots of FUN! Congrats!!!

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