Too much information about Sally.

Hello cat owners. I would like to ask about cat poop.

Srsly. Just as mothers ask each other about their children's byproducts, um, nuclear waste, I am turning to my vox peeps for advice. If you would not like to read about cat poop, please do not continue reading.

So last night I went to clean the happy box and Sally was in it. I waited politely for her to finish, but when I lifted the box lid it was clear that no business had been done. For the next hour and a half I followed her from rug to bathmat to doormat watching her straaaaaain…but nothing (she's very good about the box, but something was wrong). She barfed twice, and I could see that she was getting tired, and her ears were hot and red. I had the carrier out to go to the emergency vet, but she had passed a couple of rabbit pellets–do we go? do we not? Am I a bad mommy or a crazy mommy? Finally she laid down on the cardboard scratchpad and splort! success. Like kittens, but poop. I will be buying a new scratchpad. 

We were all quite relieved. Did I mention this incident, this Poop Quest, started at midnight? Yes. We can has constipation and insomnia.

She seems okay this morning. I suspect there might be some hairball issues, but I didn't see any hairballs last night (yes, I did a PM of the BM). I took Sally out to eat some grass, but she does not like the hairball goo. Her kibble is weight + hairball control, and she has hairball-aid treets, but she'd rather eat anything else.

So, cat owners…is this a passing incident? Should we visit the vet? Wait and see? Know any good hairball cures? Kitty laxatives? 

Thank you for your advice. I will let you know if there is further movement on this issue.

 ETA: I have called the vet and talked to the office manager, who has Seen It All. She said that in cases of extreme constipation the vet would put Sally under full anesthesia for an x-ray, which I would hate to put her through unless it was absolutely necessary. We talked about ways to get more water into her diet, like moar gooshyfud, which Sally thought was a fine idea, and using hairball goo or vaseline, which Sally thought was BAD (I think more ended up on me than in her). So, today we wait and see, with the option of an appointment tomorrow.

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10 Responses to Too much information about Sally.

  1. Snorgles Sally – Sally you poor girl…Peg if it was me Id take her to the vet just to be on the safe side as it could be symptoms of something else… (Not a vet)Hopefully its just a one off and she'll be fine tomorrow!

  2. RedScylla says:

    Hmmm…that sounds like some pretty serious constipation. I would be inclined to take a visit to the vet. As for hairball stuff, how often do you give her grass? That can really help–I buy little boxes of wheat grass from the pet store or the health food store. (Not that my cats have hairball problems, but just to aid their digestion.) Also, how often do you brush her?

  3. I should brush her more, that's for sure–I will look for the wheat grass. Thank you!

  4. jaypo says:

    I struggled for years, figuring out hundreds of ways to give my Yankee teh Detested Hairball Goop. She thwarted me every time. I even tried burying it in her gooshy fudz but she'd eat around it. I tasted it! It's not that bad. But kitties don't like that sweet stuff.Poor Sally. Maybe try some homeopathic constipation stuff.

  5. Drude says:

    I was told to just rub the hairball goo into their fur somewhere and they'd be forced to lick it out…. Kitty does NOT fall for that trick though. She just walks around with gooey legs for weeks! and won't wash herself. Leaving it on all the furnitures She also gives me teh stinkeye for weeks… Urraca loves the goo and gets all excited when I get out the tube.I used to cat-sit a cow-kitteh named Dylan, who had some serious intestinal problems. His intestines just didn't move stuff towards the exit the way they're supposed to, and the colon had been stretched very wide by constipations, so he made giganto-poops. He got a pill every day to avoid problems… dunno what was in it, but I know it was hard to get in him…

  6. My first cat, Gypsy, would lick the goo off like a lamb–she was a very meticulous groomer, and an editorial barfer: "I'm mad! Blatt." Sally does like Kitty: "Clearly the furniture needs this more than I." I let Sukey smell the goo and she did the "What–whoa!" doubletake, so I don't think it'll be good for her, either.

  7. It's sweet? Huh. Maybe Sally would eat it if I used it to frost some donuts…Thanks for the homeopathy link–all the remedies read like horoscopes, which would make for really bad pickup lines: "Hey baby, I'm a bryony. What makes you move?" Just…no.

  8. jaypo says:

    Yankee wouldn't walk on the foot with teh goo on it. She'd take a step. Shake. Take a step, shake. Goo on the floor and rugs. And like Kitty, would refuse to lick it off.Snarky retort– "Definitely not you. I'll pass, thank you."

  9. Pickup artist slinks away, flushed with failure…

  10. Lurkertype says:

    Previous floofy kitteh lurved hairball stuff and brushing.Current floofy tortie hates both. We still get furball stuff down her, minus the part she spits out onto her ruff. It does take sitting on her to do it. She won't clean it off her fur either.What about fishy flavr goo?How's teh digestion now? Better? I wouldn't let her go too long in this condition.Moar fiber, moar gooshy, moar hairball treets.

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