The good part of this weekend

I went to a knitting trade show:

There are several Stitches-es held around the country. This was the first Stitches South. The knitting podcasters I listen to talk about the Stitches-es in their region like they're Yarn Christmas On Steroids, but maybe they're bigger elsewhere–there was a lot of yarn, sure, but it was about the size of a decent craft fair, not bigger than the exhibits at the American Library Association convention or anything. No monster bargains, but I did get some things I'd only read about–Malabrigo lace, Habu stainless steel/silk yarn, HiyaHiya Needles, that kind of thing.

The woman in the picture walking toward the entrance is Elizabeth, a friend of mine from work. She drove. She waited until we were on all six lanes of US85 headed into Atlanta to tell me about the time she hydroplaned on the freeway and nearly crashed into a semi, but I wasn't really scared until we were nearly home and she took both hands off the wheel to file a hangnail.

Malabrigo sheepMalabrigo wall

  While we were in Atlanta we stopped at IKEA. I got a closet-hangy-shelf-thing to get my yarn out of the laundry basket I'd been keeping it in.

It's nice to have it where I can see it but I can't say my stash isn't as big as all that any more–that's lots of yarn. That's not even all my yarn–the acrylic is stuffed into a couple of cat litter pails, and there's about seven balls of something purple I haven't found yet.

The girls also got a gift from IKEA:

Sukey took to it right away:

Sukey's tunnelSukey in the tunnel

It has crinklies in the fabric and I can hear her jumping on it in the middle of the night.

This morning I brought donuts home after church:

Yes, I encouraged Sally in unmannerly behavior just to get the picture. I am a Bad Mommy.

Since Sally's Irregularity of Wednesday night/Thursday morning, she has been eating and drinking and generally acting normal. I took her out for some grass yesterday, and have been giving the girls an extra helping of gushyfud at bedtime, but they still want brekfesst at 5am. They've said Nice Try to vegetable oil added to their fuds before, so I'm trying fish oil today, just a supplement capsule cut in half and squeezed onto their dishes.

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2 Responses to The good part of this weekend

  1. Glad to hear Sally is doing fine! *Scritches and snorgles*

  2. Jo says:

    You might wanna try coconut oil, too. My kitties adore it straight out of the jar and it's supposed to be really good for humans (and it is PERFECT for making pancakes).

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