Baking marathon, cakes 3 and 4, with reptiles

Also maybe an amphibian. Last night at 9pm I realized that the yellow package I visualized when I was at the store was cling wrap, not sugar, and after a quick exercise of words that start with F and a trip to the store I opened my garage door and saw a little brown hoppy thing!!! It was so small I had to look twice to make sure it was a hoppy thing and not a bug–I'm not entirely sure what kind of hoppy thing it was, but it had a pointy back end, so I'm thinking frog. I carried it back outside with the help of a coffee can and some junk mail.

Cakes 3 and 4 are for my department head's retirement party. There are two cakes because she's gluten intolerant and it only seemed fair to have something she could eat.


This is the kind of damage icing was made to fix. I used mixed because gluten-free baking involves blends of alternative flours and it seemed wiser to let food scientists do the experimenting for me. Each mix made a 9-inch layer so I had to make two. The bit of cake I tried tasted Earnest. It smelled nutty.

I checked the ingredients label on the powdered sugar to make sure it was made with corn starch, not wheat starch, and checked the ingredients label on the food coloring to make sure it was okay too.

I used the same recipe for the other cake that I used for the Very Hungry Caterpillar cake (the Eric Carle Museum in Amherst MA is now following me on twitter, which tells me they have efficient web spiders), but I used my usual butter this time, and:

That's two 11×15" layers, two batches of a recipe that makes 3 9" layers, feeding 60, so if they didn't bake right I was going to have to exercise my words starting with F again, but they did, so I was Greatly Relieved. The eggs and milk were the same as the caterpillar cake, which tells me the butter was the problem–too much fat in it, I think, which means I don't know how to cook with high-quality ingredients.

I'm already praying I don't drop it on the way in to work tomorrow.

This is what I saw on the way in today:

Courting Chamelions

I'm told by people who know that these are anoles, not chamelions, but they do change color.

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10 Responses to Baking marathon, cakes 3 and 4, with reptiles

  1. Lauri says:

    LOL @ "remembering to not flour the pans"!Hooray for helping small hoppy things out to freedom! :)The cake is gorgeous!!!

  2. Thank you! the hoppy was very polite (or petrified) and stood quite still for his rescue. My next door neighbor has a decorative pond so I hope he found his way back.

  3. Aubrey says:

    If the small hoppy thing was tiny, and had six legs, I'll assume that you would carry it outside to the nearest killing field. But these are nice – yay for all reptiles.
    And yay for multi-purpose frosting!

  4. Laurie says:

    So many tiny flowers you had to make! It's lovely!

  5. jaypo says:

    The GF cake is a wonder–they are difficult to do well by. Both cakes are very pretty!Awwwww@the leetle creeters, head-bobbing and falling in reptile love. It's spring.

  6. "Reptile Suzy, Reptile Sam, do the jitterbug in Reptile Land…" Everybody sing!

  7. If the hoppy thing had been a crawly thing I would have tried to run it over with my car *shudder*. Or maybe left the car in the driveway and never entered the garage again.

  8. jaypo says:

    I want to order my birthday for next year. I want ladybugs and stickbugs and praying mantises on it. And one lightning-bug with glow in the dark icing. Is that a can-do? 😛

  9. Lurkertype says:

    courting courting courting courting chameleooooons,they bob and weave,they bob and weeeeaaave!

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