Fun with Mom and Dad

I've been visiting Mom and Dad in Holland, MI. Tuesday we went to the beach:

And to Windmill Island:

We watched a troop of klompen dancers from the windmill's observation deck:

It was a slow day on Windmill Island so the guides and dancers were really bored. After the dancing they went back to the windmill and picked up their romance novels again. Mom and Dad have brought Real Live Dutch People to Windmill Island and they usually say something like "No, we don't have this stuff at home."

Wednesday we drove through Grand Haven, where I grew up. It really does look small to me now.

We also went to the Coopersville Farm Museum:

And Meijer Gardens, where there's a big bronze horse designed by Leonardo da Vinci:

Train to Chicago tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Fun with Mom and Dad

  1. Lauri says:

    Cool cool COOL!!! (well, I mean, this is good!) Great pics. I haven't been to Holland, can you believe it? I live between Flint and Detroit. Yay for Michigan and YAY for Chicago! I know you guys are going to have a BLAST!!! Can't wait for pics!

  2. AmyH says:

    I'm going to visit Holland, MI in August! I've never been there, either. I'm flying home to visit the fam and MomH has a meeting in Holland one day I'm there. I told her I'd go with her and while she's at her meeting, I'll be playing tourist! Hooray!

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