Back home!

Always fresh!

I had some extra time at O'Hare yesterday because there were storms in Atlanta. Got home around midnight. Catses are coming around after a few applications of gooshyfud but they were pretty "Oh. So you think you still live here?" when I got home.

Sunday Alison and I went to the Museum of Science and Industry, where we saw:

It was an exhibit of props and costumes from the movies. I saw Professor Snape's trouser cuffs buttons! I had to fan myself a couple of times at some of the detail that was in even throwaway items like the programs for the Quidditch world cup match–Gilderoy Lockhart had robes that were six different fabrics all in the same shade of gold! Ron Weasley had a knitted blanket for his bed, because his mum is a knitter! So unhappy I couldn't take pictures inside.

The MSI is a bit of a maze, and the Fairy Castle is tucked off in a dark corner behind the farm exhibit and the magic of home plumbing, so I was brandishing the map a little grimly when we got to it, but it was not a busy day at the museum so I got to spend some quality time there.





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2 Responses to Back home!

  1. Morgat says:

    Great post, glad you're home, and amazing toilet (simpler than the one where the whole bathroom washes itself each time there's been an occupant…)

  2. Valerae says:

    So glad you captured the TRUE magic of Chicago: those O'Hare terlets.

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