Red Velvet Cake for 60

This is a cake for a retirement open house, for our Faculty Liaison, the woman who held the hands of professors while they learned EndNote. The person who asked for the cake suggested putting her years of employment on it but I asked to not do it because that kind of had a tombstoney feel.

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5 Responses to Red Velvet Cake for 60

  1. Morgat says:

    Punch cards! Oh my stars, haven't seen them in ages! What a splendiferous cake! (If I ever get to retire, I wish you could make my retirement cake — I suppose it would have trouble in transit, though… You could cover it with the cards we used to get by the gazillion in Acquisitions, "Library Material Request Cards", which we had to code and whatnot…
    Hope everyone enjoys the cake! (What am I saying — I KNOW they'll enjoy the cake!)

  2. That is a great cake – did anyone present not know what punchcards are?Now I want cake…and it's just barely past 7 in the morning!

  3. Thanks! I was told the cake was eaten down to crumbs, so that's gratifying. I'm afraid that for the next cake I'll be asked to put on something complicated, like an electric eraser or something.

  4. Some of my younger colleagues didn't recognize them, but the people who'd used them got a good laugh. Cake is good any time!

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