One giant leap

I was born in 1964, so it's possible that my first national memory could have been one of the assassinations of 1968, but instead my first national memory was going to our neighbor's house, the family with the color tv (built into the wall, even cooler) to watch the moon landing, which, yes, was broadcast in living black and white. What I actually remember is looking at the moon through binoculars and demanding to know why I couldn't see what was going on up there.

My most vivid memories of the space era are Tang, not that we had it much, and Space Food Sticks, which were kind of like non-sweet Tootsie Rolls, and my brother's Major Matt Mason set:

Where’s my jet pack?

Major Matt's arms were thin wires embedded in his rubber body, and once they broke, poor Matt was just floppy. The jet pack was cool until the string it ran on knotted, and then Matt could just fly for a couple of inches.

Now when I think of the space program I think of the movie Apollo 13, and all the engineers reaching for their slide rules to figure out how to bring the crew home. I think I carry more computing power in my purse every day than they had to work with.

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One Response to One giant leap

  1. Aubrey says:

    I'm older than you, Peg O'T, but I recall nothing about the landing – I think I was kind of dim, in a cute way, of course.
    I do however recall our TV – an expansive entertainment center, made of real(?) wood, the speakers on each side of the screen, and an embedded record player.

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