Four awesome things about today

1) I have done stranded colorwork, fair isle knitting, for the first time. It is for a hat that is shaped like a fish. Pictures forthcoming.

2) I may have won some yarn on the internets. I have not received the confirming email yet, but it was a "name that yarn" contest, and the winning name was one I submitted, so I'm hopeful.

3) I cleaned out the four half-jars of salsa in my refrigerator. The nice recycling guys will probably say "What, she bathes in it?" when they see them in the bin tomorrow.

4) Tonight a friend is making me dinner of soup and pie. Four kinds of pie.

This week is a baking marathon week, with a birthday cake due on Thursday and a baby shower cake due on Saturday. If the weather clears up I should be getting a window in my kitchen replaced too, just to make everything a little more complimicated.

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4 Responses to Four awesome things about today

  1. four kinds of pie – oh bliss!

  2. Laurie says:

    1) Great hat pattern.
    3) Maybe the recycling guys will think you had a big party.
    Will you take photos of the cakes, too? You do such beautiful cakes.

  3. Thank you! Four kinds of pie was wonderful, but it wasn't any kind of balanced meal–I kind of want to eat some broccoli now.

  4. Thanks! I'm afraid if the recycling guys think "party" they're going to think "party with salsa wrestling."I will post cake pictures! Thursday's cake is Spiderman!

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