Kitns, knitns, Rocktober moment

Red mitts: just finished 'em.

This weekend I went to see a Beatles tribute band at a benefit concert (best I can do for Rocktober, really. Maybe just Soft Rocktober. Easy Listentober).

It was like seeing the Cool Dads Band play the school assembly–I don't mean that to be ugly, but it was.

In the second half of the show there were some guest artists. The benefit was in aid of the Georgia Theatre, a bar/concert venue that was gutted by fire this summer. I saw David Byrne there. The air conditioning quit, in July, and we were all wringing wet with sweat when we piled out after the show.

The guy in the middle is Mike Mills from REM (54% less Garthy with short hair). The guy in the grey jacket is Mike Mantione from Five-Eight (people have to tell me these things, I'm not cool enough to know them on my own.) The woman is Vanessa from Pylon.

This guy was like Gielgud playing community theater. I knew he had to be special when the horn players took pictures of him with their cell phones after his first number.

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2 Responses to Kitns, knitns, Rocktober moment

  1. Valerae says:

    Hey, the Beatles were badass, that's why they'll be featured at the end of Rocktober on my blog – just like last year. No one can top 'em.I saw your pics from twitter but couldn't figure out who the singers were in the photos, thanks for the rundown. Despite the heat, seems like a great show!

  2. Lauri says:

    It does look like fun! I wouldn't know who all those folks were, too, but it's always fun to learn! And, the Beatles DO rock! 🙂

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