Please vote for my brother’s comic!

Because it's good. Really! Top ten in an Amazon contest!

Thank you!

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8 Responses to Please vote for my brother’s comic!

  1. mariser says:

    I loved Thatababy and voted. the baby is awesome and the dad is the strip somewhat autobiographical?

  2. mariser says:

    I also liked Girl very much. if I could have voted for two…

  3. Lauri says:

    Oh my garsh, Peg! Thatababy really IS awesome! I checked them out and I voted!!! It really is excellent! I sure hope he wins! I am going to send this to all of my friends and relatives! :DHey… "True Blood"….I am starting watching the dvds of the second season and they have that annoying Jason joining the Fellowship of the Sun. ****Barf****

  4. Thank you! The strip is somewhat autobiographical, although I don't know of any Green Army Men incidents–Paul does a lot of sports cartooning–the picture in the upper left corner of the page is him with my nephew (now 17).

  5. Thank you! Paul did a comic for the State News called Spartoons (he didn't pick the name) when he was at State.Haven't gotten to season 2 yet–I'm very slow with my Netflix queue–but yeah, Jason, I don't get the attraction.

  6. Morgat says:

    I read thatababy and loved it! And voted for it! So funny!!!!

  7. Lauri says:

    That is so cool about your brother doing Spartoons (haha, yeah) for the State News!Sorry I thought you had seen both seasons of TB. I won't mention anything else that I see! But yeah…Jason is a turd!

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