Bright Star

Today was the first of six furlough days we have this fiscal year, so I was able to go to a matinee of Jane Campion's new movie. It was at the art house here so you can have cappucino with your popcorn and everyone in the audience waited to leave until the credits had fully rolled.

It was a lovely, rrrrromantic movie (which to me means Unhappy Ending and Characters Who Bounce Their Reality Check, not that that's always a bad thing) and the textiles were extra awesome, light, flowy, sparkly, rough, polished, just a feast if that's your confection of choice.

I want to know more about the jacket Fanny is wearing here–it reminded me of a yoyo quilt, but made with zillions of tiny crocheted (I think) medallions. There were a couple of scarves made the same way, and a jacket of octagons in muted shades that made me whimper a little. I'm sorry I couldn't find a picture of the family cat, who was an awesome huge purring TuxCat named Topper.

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