We go to an equestrian meet.

My parents came down to visit a few weeks back. One of the events they wanted to go to was an equestrian meet. We woke up to a day of rain but we thought the meet would surely be indoors.

The gentleman under the blue umbrella is my dad. He had a new camera to play with.

The other attendees could tell we were rubes because we weren't wearing boots.

This is my mom. She would hate this picture, but I really like it for some reason–I think it's the way she's got the cuff of her jacket fully wrapped around her hand. And the expression on her face. Dad wanted to stay for at least three riders.

I had to back out of an extremely muddy parking lot to leave, and as I was pulling out I realized I had just skimmed past a freestanding water faucet, so close I could have reached out and patted it. Dad said, "I wonder how high the water would have spouted if you'd hit it?" which is an image that made me laugh real hard.

When we got home we had a fire and adult beverages:

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2 Responses to We go to an equestrian meet.

  1. Lauri says:

    That looks like a very wet and very cold event! But still, I applaud you for braving the weather and doing it! So many people would have hidden away indoors! :DYou had an adventure and then the fire and the adult beverages look so cozy and comforting!Great pics..thanks for sharing!

  2. brownamazon says:

    I've been at horse shows on days like this…it sucks. When you're riding, you warm up a bit, but the rain stings your face harder. And your saddle gets wet and soaks through your breeches down to your underwear, and you wind up with a leather dye stain on your ass. Fun times.

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