Oh, Christmas

My dad is a retired history teacher. One year for Christmas he labelled all of our presents with the names of historical figures (my brother's were all men, mine were all women) and before we could open them we had to tell him who the people were. Many of our friends were appalled at this story, but all the presents were out for weeks before the big day, and there was only one person I had to look up, so…nice try at the clever, old man. This year I could retaliate by labelling his presents with names of people on TV, because he doesn't watch TV ("Mike Logan? Is he on that stupid cop show your mother always has on?") but this year I'm doing all my shopping on the internet and shipping everything to where we'll spend Christmas, so it wouldn't work. I should say, considering how he feels about it, one of the most romantic Christmas gifts ever was my dad having cable installed for my mom–she won't splash out on expanded basic but at least she gets ESPN and CBS for NCAA basketball.

This was my contribution to the office Christmas party:

After the party the leftover cake fell, in its carrier, off the book cart we were using to transport party supplies, and a few minutes ago I saw it being carried up the stairs then heard a major crash-and-tumble, so there may not be much of it left.


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4 Responses to Oh, Christmas

  1. Lurkertype says:

    I think cake and floof are fine content for a post.Also, I totally think you should figure some way to do the TV characters on Dad's gifts. Also also, I love that Mom watches old school L&O.

  2. mariser says:

    your coworkers are very lucky to eat your creations.

  3. AmyH says:

    I had to get ESPN for myself so I could watch college football & basketball. I think that's an amazingly thoughtful and useful gift! That cake looks amazing. As long as it stayed in the carrier when dropped, it's still a wonderful cake. Yum.

  4. TreeSweater says:

    LOL at the cat picture!
    The cake looks opulent! I'm with Amy. As long as it stayed in the container, it's clean and still good enough to eat.
    I have to admit, we finally broke down and got cable back in 1997 so I could watch the Stanley Cup playoffs. 🙂

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