Three gifts of the wisemen: bacon, chocolate, buttercream

Recipe here. It's a chocolate-bacon cake house with a bacon roof and salami front door. My only objection is that the candies on the sides of the house are chocolate covered licorice, which is just wrong.
Update from the cookie exchange: thumbs up on the Raspberry Mishoos. This year's cookie recipe of doom: take a "waffle" pretzel (the ones that are shaped like the Windows logo), put a Rolo (that's a chocolate covered caramel, if they're not available in Canada), bake for 4 minutes (I assume at 350F), take them out of the oven, push a pecan on top. Eat. (I assume a microwave would get you to the Eat part quicker.)

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6 Responses to Three gifts of the wisemen: bacon, chocolate, buttercream

  1. Lurkertype says:

    The licorice is oh, so wrong. Full-sized Tootsie Rolls would have been better.I'm not sure the Nom of Doom counts as a cookie, but it sounds taste-boggling.Did they like the story of the Raspberry Mishoos too?

  2. jaypo says:

    The licorice ruins it. I noticed it immediately and wanted to barf. And I like licorice, just not with bacon.I've been thinking about the Raspberry Mishoo/Dream Cookies. I really wanted to bake cookies this week but spent it in bed hacking and blowing my nose. Not a fair tradeoff.Did you use the same recipe or modify it?

  3. Bacon? That is wrong on so many levels!

  4. The Nom of Doom sounds like something I'd make after a really rough week at work, while crying. I don't think I got across how really cool the cookie story was–I brought the nice ladies at the yarn shop a plate of them, though, and they really liked them.

  5. Same recipe, pretty much–I used 1/2 cup of preserves. I hope you feel better soon!

  6. RedScylla says:

    WTF? licorice? *shudder*

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