The plan for tomorrow

…is to be up and running for the big move at 7am. According to we'll actually be driving into a snowstorm. Today we went to the airport in Atlanta to pick up the van that I'll probably be driving (previous largest car: a Ford Fairmont). It's a Chrysler Town & Country or its Dodge equivalent and stinks of air freshener, but it drives okay, except I might have to stick a pillow behind my back to reach the pedals. I'll have the 5 cats, so…cacophony!

I will try to tweet from the road at , which will get redirected to my f'boo status.

Please rub the belly of your Lucky Safe Driving Buddha and/or appeal to your deity of choice in your manner of choice for us! Should be back Tuesday…

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11 Responses to The plan for tomorrow

  1. Aubrey says:

    Please rub the belly of your Lucky Safe Driving BuddhaToday we had lunch at a restaurant called 'Buddha's Belly'. What are the odds? You will be safe and delicious.

  2. mariser says:

    I rubbed a Buddha's belly and the top of Ganesha's head.we all wish you a safe and mostly uneventful trip.

  3. Thank you! Uneventful! yes, uneventful would be good!

  4. Laurie says:

    Best of luck. Maybe the cats will quiet down after the first hour little while…

  5. Thank you! I had lunch at McDonald's, so I thought I was doomed to be red-haired and clownish, but safe and delicious would be much better.

  6. Or maybe we'll all sing together to the radio. Do you think covering them with blankets might help? Will they be okay in their boxes for 9 hours on the road?

  7. Laurie says:

    Yes, I'd advise you cover all the carriers. Cats panic less when they're covered. I'm sure they'll be too stressed to want to use a litter box. You could try offering dishes of water and bribe them with treats or nummy bits gooshyfood at a stop along the way, but a stressed can in an unfamiliar environment will often not want to eat or drink anything for a whole day, so don't be worried if they don't want anything.

  8. Okay, good to know, thank you! I imagine all the noise and rumbling and movements and tricky lights would be way too overstimulating. Covers it is!

  9. pyrl says:

    Snowball has a Booda bone. I promise not to rub it.I succeeded in driving from No. Carolina to Maine with 2 cats and a dog. At least cats wont jump out at the toll booth, when you open the door, because you dropped your change.Best wishes, Peg.

  10. …and that's why I'm driving the cats. Thanks for the good wishes!

  11. jaypo says:

    Safe journey and Godspeed, Peg! Don't Tweet and drive, ya hear?

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