Wearable garments!

If you’re a cabbage patch doll, or possibly an infant:

The pattern is from the first Mason-Dixon knitting book. This was my Ravelympics project, which ended up being more of a challenge than I expected–I mean, yes, it was garter stitch, but I ended up reknitting each front twice, the right one because I made the sleeves too long and the left one because I ran out of yarn halfway down and tried to finish with scrap yarn:

…too ugly even for something that will most likely never be seen by an actual infant or parent. The pink border in particular looks like Silly Putty in yarn form.

I think I ran out of yarn because ombre colors of dishcloth cotton are 30 yards less per ball than solids, and I used a US7 needle instead of a US6 as the pattern calls for. The pattern also calls for knitting 6 rows before casting off for the neck, which I didn’t take to mean 6 garter ridges, but I think I should have.

The second item:

The pattern is the Sunny Side Up Hoodie from Lion Brand Yarns, and if their site weren’t being difficult right now I would link to it. This was requested by a friend to give as a baby gift. Apparently I restart each project three times instead of swatching, and for this I tried Wool-Ease, which I love but didn’t look right, then Plymouth Baby Bunny, wonderfully soft but not the right colors (I bought it on sale, then reconsidered, and am just as pleased to have the yarn for something else), before settling on Berocco Comfort, which is 100% unnatural fiber but went through the washer and dryer this morning with no visible injury.

As I was sewing up the seams (however incompetently–this won’t be my county fair entry, though I’m happy enough with the finished item) I did think the fabric attracted cat hair and lint pills, but it seems better after its bath.

The Lenten Experiment, not buying yarn, has been interesting–I have a few gift giving occasions coming up and it’s been satisfying to make the stash work instead of buying something new. This morning I picked up my aunt’s afghan again, after a few months–I’d like to get it knitted by the time my folks come down at the end of the month. (I laugh at myself for saying it.)

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