Being sick is boring

…and that is all I have to say about the past few days.

With recovery came return of the Will to Knit:

This is intended to be worn by an Actual Infant. It didn't fall apart in the wash, so I think it's good to go. The doll is Daphne Cora Theodora, made by my grandmother from a nearly-Cabbage-Patch kit in the years when Cabbage Patch Kids made parents beg bribe and steal to get one. I think I saw her making one for my much-more-appropriately-aged cousins and begged for one. Cora has a suit of reindeer footie jammies too–Grandma was an artist with fabric, which she pronounced frabric. Her preferred fabric was sculptured polyester knit.

If you visit Cleveland, GA, in the mountains where I always get lost, you can visit Babyland General and attend a CPK birth. The birth wasn't as creepy as the Preemies (part of the CP family of products) in incubators, with the taped sound of crying in the background.

Before I was Struck Down I went to a gymnastics meet. I missed a couple with the trip to Texas, but I'm pleased to say that the fine tradition of WTFashion has continued, even under the new coach:

This is the LSU head coach and one of her assistants. The coach's shoes are quite sensible, but her leopard-print blouse was unfortunate. Her assistant appears ready to hit the bars after the meet is over–saves time in the locker room I'm sure.

The woman in black is the wife of the new head coach. She seems to do most of the hugging and patting of the gymnasts when they finish their routines. I don't have any real objections to her outfit, though I'm sure when her children are in high school they will point to pictures like this and laugh, but it would have been more attractive if she didn't walk like her feet were killing her. The woman next to her was UGA's most famous gymnast ever, graduated last year and now part of the staff. Her skirt was some kind of odd handkerchief arrangement and her shoes were stolen from Jessica Rabbit.

I'm proud to say that before the meet the performance of the Dance Dawgs was sponsored by Tires Plus:

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One Response to Being sick is boring

  1. Lurkertype says:

    I am unreasonably happy that clothing WTF continues there.

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