Final gymnastics meet

This week's opponents were NC State. Their music for each floor routine starts with a wolf howl which is interesting with Gymnast #1 and annoying with Gymnast #6 (Virginia Tech's music starts with a gunshot because they're the Mountaineers).

Short pants! Sartorial sensation!

Not an entirely successful sartorial sensation, though–if it made their butts look lumpy, ordinary people should just stay away.

Since it was the last home meet the seniors came out with their families, which made me a bit teary, since these girls were freshmen when I started going to these meets.

The previous meet, against UCLA, was awesome: gymnasts on fire and less than a point between the teams at the end. This meet, not so much (the first rule of balance beam is stay on the balance beam). The Gym Dawgs will go on to the SEC finals and the NCAA finals, so it wasn't the seniors absolute last meet, but it is the beginning of the end of their competitive careers–they may go into coaching, but they were aged out of Olympic competition before they came to UGA, and now they're done for reals.

WTFashion moment:

If you're counting, that's a grey t-shirt, a babydoll dress, sparkly vest with racer back, leggings (not pants) and pumps.

After the meet the team put on a special dance presentation, choreographed by one of the seniors.

As we were watching the friends I go to the meets with and I agreed that we were too old for these modern dance things: the crowd would go "ooh!" at some move and we'd go "What? That's good, then?"

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2 Responses to Final gymnastics meet

  1. Lurkertype says:

    I suppose one could learn to appreciate the dance artistry, but the leggings are NOT a matter of opinion. And the WTF ensemble is… I have no words…

  2. snoringKatZ says:

    Not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination but I would avoid pretty much everything anyone in the photos is wearing except for that guy with the camera. I could totally pull off that look.I appreciate all dance because I can't. I mean it. One of my managers at Sears thinks it's hilarious when I try. He keeps his phone out in case and dials 9…1… and then just waits to see if he has to put in the last 1.

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