This will probably not be used for the purpose it was intended for so I'm posting it here (if you click on it it won't actually go to anything, sorry). The person who created the read-for-fun guide asked for a bookworm, which I thought was boring, so I came up with this, and sent it to her in the morning, but she didn't say anything about it all day, and when I finally asked about it she said, but it looks like Jabba the Hutt! and I said that's the point! because your inner bookworm is a slavering mountainous demanding pile of appetite! and she said I don't know, I'll think about it over the weekend. 
There, that's the bad part of complaining, I sound whiny. Sorry. But I was so mad I came home and mowed the lawn to work it off, then blew my nose all night because it's pollen season. I know everything I do isn't going to be greeted with glad cries of joy, but I wish people would just not be weenies about rejecting things! I mean, after a local theater group tells you they're going to "go in a different direction" because they thought the poster you submitted for the Tempest was funny, not scary, your hide toughens a bit.
At least they rejected it outright, and promptly, even if "we're going to go in a different direction" sounds like something they got from Waiting for Guffman.

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2 Responses to Complaining!

  1. Lauri says:

    Oh, I SO love the Jabba the Hut bookworm! Too bad she doesn't "get" it because it is awesome. Not only that, but it would really appeal to a LOT of kids!!!Boo on her. :(It would be so difficult to put your creations out there and have criticism. That is probably why I don't do it. Too moishe of a weenie. 😛

  2. Well, I think it's cute! I have to admit that I love anything involving a fez, but I also like his eyeballs.

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