Final Four Hat

The knitting designer Lee Meridith came up Game Knitting, where you treat your knitting like a drinking game: everytime someone says "Hi, Bob!" (or whatever) you drink make a change in your knitting. I decided to do a hat for tonight's Final Four game between Butler and Michigan State. I did the brim? cuff? bottom part before the game started.
Note the Kleenex: Pollen Season.
In other circumstances I would have rooted for Butler, because, you know, Cinderella Team, but they were playing State. And doing very well, unfortunately.
I don't know much about basketball, you know, turnovers and percentages and stuff, but even I know that to win you have to get the ball in the hole. And State didn't do that too efficiently.
Okay, there could be a better picture. I just have to close up the top of the hat now. If I feel like it.
Count me among the legions rooting against Duke!

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One Response to Final Four Hat

  1. Lauri says:

    It's a good hat, but it wasn't a good game!Oh, well, I am over it! :)I did root for Butler to beat Duke but it was not to be. A big "Oh well" to that, too!I love the kitties and the cuppie cakies! 😀

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