So what is this now, Literature Tuesday?

Clearly I have a fail when it some to catchy titles. Literaturesday? No. Just no.

So, what I’m reading–I don’t have quite as many reads-in-progress as works-in-progress, but it’s not rare for me to have a book or two going at once. My lunch-at-work book is A strange eventful history: the dramatic lives of Ellen Terry, Henry Irving and their remarkable families by Michael Holroyd–it’s rare for me to find that critics like books more than I do, but this one got only good reviews, as far as I could find, with the biggest criticism its lack of footnotes (I love footnotes–they can be like an author’s aside). I’m not finding that the author set Ellen Terry and Henry Irving within their time very well; they seem to be characters in a bubble, not engaged with the world at large. From reading the book I have a lot of sympathy for Irving, who worked really hard at his craft, and less for Terry’s son E. Gordon Craig, who spent his life thinking deeply, gesticulating wildly, and impregnating his assistants. Despite his lack of Things Produced he is considered a Light of theater design. He also wanted kicking, in my opinion.

The other book is Soulless by Gail Carriger. It’s supernatural fantasy steampunk set in a Victorianish age with vampires and werewolves, and the people who like that sort of thing have given it very good reviews. Although it has an interesting conceit, based on research into Victorian science, to me it’s a bit spozedtobe: It’s spozedtobe funny, but it isn’t actually funny. It’s spozedtobe about British people, but I don’t think they really say I say! and Egad! It’s spozedtobe about Victorians, but the characters sound like people who’ve read a Victorian etiquette book. It’s close, in other words, but the cigar proves elusive. That being said, I have finished over half the book and haven’t abandoned it yet.

Knitting…still working on the February toddler sweater. Am reminded I must finish the 198 Yards of Heaven shawl in Malabrigo ( <– angels singing) for Mom’s birthday.

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