Thursday rants? but I’m in a good mood!

Work in Progress pictures:

This is the February Baby Sweater, in Red Heart Soft, with Sukey tasting my needles for freshness. I think a youngun would look lovely in that intense blue. The sweater has been surprisingly easy, barring some wonkiness about picking up the underarm stitches, and the gull lace pattern is dead easy and could be used in other applications (I know someone’s used it for socks already).

This is the 198 Yds. of Heaven shawl in Malabrigo for Mom’s birthday. I finished the body of the shawl this morning so I can move on to the lace edging. Back in February I made this same shawl in Berocco Ultra Alpaca for my sister in law. I’m not sure what Mom will do with a shawl like this (I’ll suggest wearing it under her coat, when it gets cold again) but I’m sure she’ll like it.

Trip to Atlanta plus a movie tomorrow, so I have a vanilla sock ready to keep my hands busy with endless stockinette. Also a trip to IKEA!

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