Okay, maybe not thematic days

Although yesterday (skipped) was Media Monday and today is Literatuesday…yes, it’s bad, but it’s stuck in my head.

Anyway, Media Monday: Dr. Gemma of Cognitive has written out the math for the Ishbel shawl , which is a great service to knitting humanity but makes my eyes roll in my head like the fruits in a slot machine–my fault, not hers: anything with numbers makes that happen (Sudoku is Right Out) (I think I would be better at math if I started knitting sooner, like before my early 40s). When I knit an Ishbel I’ll read it line by line (maybe aloud to my cats) and that should help. She has posts on other shawls as well.

Literatuesday: After finishing the Craftlit reading of Pride and Prejudice, I’m reading it again the old fashioned way, in a library book defaced by a previous reader who underlined all the hard words to look up later. I just finished the chapter where Elizabeth read Darcy’s letter, and realizes that he’s right about her family and Wickham–there’s some searing character development, going through denial, anger, and acceptance in a bit more than half a page. I’m trying to think of another writer that makes a character admit she’s wrong, and can’t–of course, that’s something I’m just noticing now, so maybe I haven’t noticed it in other works.

Actual knitting content:

February Baby Sweater is complete! It’s one of the projects that seems to be on the Bat Knitzvah list–after you’ve completed everything on the list you can say “now I am a Knitter.” Other items on the list: Clapotis, Pi Shawl, Baby Surprise Jacket, Monkey Socks…still thinking of others…

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