Theramin Thursday

Okay, best title I can do for now.

I have a stack of handknitted washcloths at home–dishcloth patterns I use in the shower. I think of them as a luxury item, not because the yarn is so fine but because it’s a lovely thing to spend a few hours on such a personal item, especially when it’s something you could pick up for a dollar.

This was also a good thing to knit because of what Gigi from the Knitmore Girls called “bandwidth issues” after her surgery–my brain is full, I can only do simple things.

Fortunately I was down to the garter border and castoff of Mom’s shawl:

Still needs to be blocked, and the ends woven in. Question on the castoff: the pattern calls for you to put two stitches on your left needle then knit them through the back loop, but it seems like you could just do an ssk and accomplish the same thing–the ultimate answer is just try it and see what happens, of course!

Stitches tomorrow (<–angels singing), and then my very busy week is over. I have made a list and reviewed my credit card balance to remind myself to behave. It seems like I’m being pointed towards Ishbel as my next project, though Haruni is lovely too…

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