Literatuesday: History of Christianity

Yes, it’s over 1K pages. No, I don’t have a good history of finishing books of non-fiction. Yes, I borrowed it from the library. I bought the Kindle edition anyway–I didn’t think I could deal with the hard copy and knit at the same time.

I don’t have a Kindle, just the Kindle software on my iPod Touch. I don’t have experience with a great many readers, but this seems quite elegant and easy to read. Pages change smooth and quick  and font size is adjustable. On the iTouch you get about half a page of text at a time, but that’s easier to deal with than a giant beast of a book. One downside: using the Kindle reader eats your battery life–I think that’s because the iPod isn’t meant to be used with the screen on continuously.

I hoped a nice person would give me a Kindle for Christmas but now that the iPad’s out I’m okay with not having one–I might be not be interested in an iPad until its second or third generation, but it seems a waste to get a mono-tasker once a multi-tasker is available.

I’d heard about the book on NPR, and I’m glad to be reading a history by someone who calls himself friendly to Christianity–I’d rather not spend time with a writer who thinks it should be consigned to the dustbin of history or who thinks I’m stupid for believing (or, worse, who lumps me in with the Pat Robertsonites).

So far I’m halfway through chapter one, in which the author goes back to the classic Greek philosophers, discussing their engagement as rational thinkers with a world created by the capricious gods in the Illiad and the Odyssey–again, just halfway through the chapter, but to me that’s not only the start of scientific inquiry but also the roots of those Bible chapters where people argue with God.

Not being a scholar of anything I’m not sure if this is a) wrong or b) reinventing a wheel smarter people have been rolling on for a while now. Probably I will have to finish the chapter to find out.

What am I knitting while I read? another dishcloth. It was in my work bag and it’s alllmost done. At home I’m working on the first lace section of the Ishbel–the Noro sock yarn I’m using is showing an unexpected and lengthy section of bright blue, so I’m curious to see what it will come up with next. I can’t get the stitch counts on either end of the shawl to come out right, they’re just one stitch short whatever I do, but I hope it won’t show too much.

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