Short short fours

So yesterday I was looking for my 10″ US4 needles and…they’re nowhere! I’ve lost a single US8 too. Where can they be?

Media Monday: as I was checking out at Publix yesterday I saw the first season of Wiseguy for $5.99. Score! Also found Forever Knight, all three seasons, on Amazon for $20 each. Strangely the third season, the one without Schanke, wasn’t carried by Amazon proper–maybe there’s a secret Schanke fan doing inventory?

I was looking for the short 4s to finish a pair of booties for a friendly aquaintance–I’m not invited to the shower, but I’ve been hired to do a cake for it, so I’m wondering, would leaving a gift but not going to the shower read as a passive-aggressive negative comment? Will think.

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