Honorable Mention!

Thanks to CoggieTM for mentioning the Spring Onion Bag on the latest episode of the High Fiber Diet! I agree with Sarge: “clip” is a perfectly acceptable name for that thing on the side:

I made the first Spring Onion Bag for a friend who plays tennis, and the doggie-themed one because a smart Raveller commented a small bag like this would be good for dog balls (hee, I said “dog balls.” I’m secretly twelve). If anyone wants to make them to give or sell for an animal charity, feel free!

I started listening to the High Fiber Diet because it comes from West Michigan, where I grew up (and fled, because it snows there). I really admire Coggie’s professionalism as a podcaster–her episodes are always well organized and interesting–and her efforts to foster the knitting community by running and attending local fiber events and keeping her Ravelry group active. It’s well worth a listen!

The Eloping garter is knitted and blocked:

This pattern is four lines of genius! Each row has a different stitch count, so it’s easy to tell where you are on the pattern, and with no more than 16 stitches per row it’s hard to screw it up too badly. I’m afraid that I made it too big, but the elastic will make it fit…maybe.

Haven’t finished the baby booties, and may just give them separately since I wasn’t invited to the shower. The Ishbel is in a holding pattern since I haven’t had time or bandwidth to sit down and finish a row since they’re so very long now. I started some fingerless gloves for work and invented the word “polyprojectphilia”…I’ve heard it can be prevented with massive doses of vitamin D but who would want to?

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