Important knittingks!

Random photos:

I can't say the concert Friday was a great concert, but we were all there to see a legend, so we saw her, and were out by 9:30. I was glad to be in the balcony, 'cause the ground floor was where the whoopers were (code words to set off the whoopin': Loretta Lynn and tequila). The show didn't sell out by a lot, which surprised me–I would have thought some of the Hipster Youth would have turned out–and Loretta didn't seem to be feeling very well. Peggy, her daughter, one of the twins, said the Nashville floods surrounded Loretta's house so she spent four days living in the tour bus, so while the bus isn't a '68 Winnebago that's still a disrupting and stressful thing, especially when you're celebrating your 50th year in show business. Every so often someone would yell "We love you Loretta!" and she would say "And I love you too," which actually I think is true.

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7 Responses to Important knittingks!

  1. Lauri says:

    Big LOL at Sally's disguises! Um…what are they reeeeally? Finger warmers?The case is so cute! Poor Loretta. But I'll bet she felt appreciated and the "I love you"s made her warmed her heart!

  2. They're nothing that practical! apparently they're called "fingerstaches" and it looks like they're big in Britain. The yarn I used was thicker than the designer expected and that's why it's so big–other ones I've seen look about as big as a band-aid wrapped around your finger.

  3. Lauri says:

    Fingerstaches! Whoda thunk???So hilarious!

  4. Lurkertype says:

    Still looks like a floofy kitteh to me.

  5. Yes but is different floofy kitteh.

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