Let there be lights!

This only took two trips to Lowe's. Two of the three lights on my old fixture had burned out and that seemed like a good time to replace it–it needed those globulous vanity lights that were always a special trip somewhere to buy.

Unfortunately the electrics in my house were done by the Hamhanded Bros:
Left to right that's a big stinkin' hole, a big stinkin' hole that shows a complete lack of an electrical box, and a screw hole that seems to have hit a stud–please also note the unprimed sheetrock. Behind the mirror are a couple more big stinkin' holes which makes me think the Hamhanded Bros. didn't feel like fishing up the wires like real electricians.
This was the first toggle that fell down behind the wall, the one that was holding on the old fixture. I assembled some tools to deal with the situation:
Just in case someone might want to fix the hole properly I went with the yellow mesh tape, though it occurred to me later I could hardly have done more damage to the wall if I'd just used the silicone to glue the back plate on.
All I needed was something to hold up that end of the fixture while I added a couple of screws to the plate for extra strength. 
That's a piece of blind slat I found in the garage, keeping the third toggle bolt from falling to its death. HAH, Hamhanded Bros!
I put in "Daylight" florescent bulbs, because I thought they would help me see yarn colors and stitches better, because everything is about my knitting, but I wouldn't necessarily want the daylight bulbs over the mirror where I see myself first thing in the morning because their light is unkindly nonfictional.
Yarn under regular lightYarn under "daylight" bulbs

The yarn on the left was photographed without flash under "bright" florescent lights. The one on the right was photographed under the new daylight bulbs.
As always I was properly supervised:

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3 Responses to Let there be lights!

  1. snoringKatZ says:

    Well done, Peg! You and the supervisors are more than welcome when I start my bathroom remo-lition!

  2. Thanks! I hope the Hamhanded Bros. weren't your electricians too!

  3. snoringKatZ says:

    Since this is Texas, it was the Longhorn Bullpucky Bros. They also do really lousy plumbing work. And construction. Very well-rounded!

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