What would you knit for this man?

Plz to not judge

Ivan Venko = Whiplash / Iron Man 2

In the past week I’ve seen Iron Man 2 twice, mostly because of this scene right here–it also features Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in an electric blue fire suit that makes his bum look peach-parfait, but truly, I seem to have a small Ivan Vanko problem. Who knew a mad Russian physicist could make me bite my knuckle? (another review that expresses this better is here. Read the spoilers. It is the thing with the glasses thing.).

In answer to the original question, Knucks from Knitty, in wool, because Ivan Vanko works with things that make sparks and wool is self-extinguishing (I wouldn’t knit Tony Stark a fire suit from it but wool shouldn’t ignite from fireworks off a grinding wheel). Doesn’t every imaginary boyfriend require knitting?

Stranger still this small Ivan Vanko problem has inspired me to write three sentences of fiction, after a writing drought of over ten years. The novel in my head would require research into the United Nations, atomic weapons, Joseph McCarthy, and Israel: I’m thinking a cross between Watchmen and Mad Men. Only three sentences, mind: I promise nothing.

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