The Knitmore Girls are having a preemie hat design contest; their group on Ravelry has the details. Over the weekend I watched the movie Gorky Park, with a surprisingly dishy William Hurt; this clip features forensic anthropology/facial reconstruction and an awesome hat:

The contest is looking for hats that use up scraps of sock yarn, but when I tried knitting tiny hats on tiny needles it was just too fiddly for the mood I was in, so I looked for a way to knit a hat flat.

Wow, yes, that does look…Freudian! but let’s say it looks like a head and shoulders. To seam the hat, turn the shoulders forward and drape the shoulders over them to make the crown of the hat. Seam both sides, flip up the flaps and tie the ties, and Boris’s your uncle!

The purple hat was the first version; in the version I submitted to the Knitmore Girls the “neck” is narrower and longer, so the crown of the hat is higher.

You may also see some MacKenzie Bros. or Elmore Fudd influence in the final product. I don’t have a scale, so I can’t tell you how much yarn was used, but it’s very little, and you could make the flaps and the hat body in different yarns if you wished.

The first draft hat is knit with Knitpick’s gloss sock yarn. It makes a nice sturdy hat but it’s handwash. The final draft is knit with Deborah Norville/Serenity yarn, thinner and floppier before it’s sewn up, but it’s washable.

The Knitmore Girls will publish the winning patterns, with designers credited, on their blog. The contest ends August 31. If it’s not published there, I’ll see about publishing it here.

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