Hello Ontario peeps?

Northern US peeps too? You all had an earthquake today, right? Everybody ok?

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2 Responses to Hello Ontario peeps?

  1. Laurie says:

    Yes, we felt it here in Toronto. I thought it was kind of cool. Some shaking and slight rolling of the floor for about 10 seconds, then I could see the water surface in my glass do the Jurassic Park T-Rex vibration thing for another 10 seconds after I couldn't feel it any more.
    It must have made the 5,000 cops on duty here for the G20 summit very freaked out that there had been a terrorist bomb for a little bit there.

  2. pyrl says:

    I was driving in my car with The Smashing Pumpkins CD on, so …I read about it in the local news. Everybody is OK.

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