A week of cake

This cake represents two full pounds of butter:

That's a double batch of cake, two sticks per cake, and a double batch of icing, two sticks per batch, but it's supposed to serve 60 if you do something mathematical with 60 and the 32 tablespoons of butter it comes up to about half a pat per serving. (In PegMath. Of the sugar and Crisco let us say nothing.) I didn't spot the naked stem until I was actually delivering the cake. I like the design but I think it could have had "more"–more poofiness to the lettering, a lighter hand on the flower petals, that kind of thing.
For this cake the over-achieving hostess wanted one end vanilla, one end chocolate, so everybody would be happy:
After briefly contemplating building up the vanilla side with an inch of icing, I trimmed the chocolate part down to level (there may have been snacking on the trimmings. There may be more snacking on the trimmings when I get home tonight). 
The cake says "Welcome to Web 2.0" because it's to celebrate the completion of a certificate program for web 2.0 tools. It's written in an extension cord because an orange extension cord is part of the logo ("get plugged in," hah). The prongs and slots on the end of the cord are bits of gumdrop. It might have looked better with colored icing but I didn't think of it until after I'd put the lettering on. When I took this photo my camera gave me the option to add more blue to the picture, so it would come out less yellow–all by itself! automagically! Amazing. I wish I knew how to make it do that on purpose.
Some random photos:

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One Response to A week of cake

  1. jaypo says:

    It's a beauteous cake. Lucy must be one helluva gal to get such special treatment. A bunny ate that flower, didn't you know?LOL at the newses!

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