Yes, I’ve missed a few Literatuesdays, but I haven’t really read anything worth mentioning until today—I just finished Murder on the Leviathan by B. Akunin, and will be running up to the library stacks for book #3 in the series. The books are set in the 19th century and feature the Russian detective Erast Fandorin. Leviathan is a very classic-Christie set up, on a boat in the middle of the ocean, but there were two passages that really struck me today as I finished the book over lunch—yes, the most memorable moments were in the last 50 pages, but the book was entertaining enough to get me there, so carry on—no spoilers to follow!

In Memorable Passage One a Japanese character writes a poem about being a firefly in a sky full of stars. I’m no judge of poetry (srsly: if it’s not Ogden Nash I don’t get it) but what brought the character to write the poem really struck me. It must be hard to write convincing character development because I don’t see a lot of it.

In Memorable Passage Two a character sat down and confessed a great love to object of affection, and this character is very brave. I’m hoping it ends well in book three—doesn’t have to be permanent, just not icky or sad or disappointing.

I’m also reading The Outlaw Demon Wails by (I think) Kim Harrison–I really like her Otherlander series and I’m thrilled to note I’ve been muddle-brained enough to miss two new releases so I’ll have another one to read when I’m done with this one. I also have my bad tv food imaginary boyfriend Anthony Bourdain’s new book, since I’m going to see him at a lecture in November, but I’m a little wary of reading it because as much as I enjoyed his first two books I’m afraid in this one he’s going to make me feel guilty for not eating snout.

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